A new leaf!

Good day all!! It's about that time where the leaves are starting to turn, pumpkins are in sight, and everything revolves around the seasons change. I personally love fall, it's a time of nostalgia, magic, and cozy times to come. I wish I could fit all the events of the past summer into one blog post but it would be a novel. I hope your enjoy this quick update and recap of the late summers events!

Our newest addition to the family is almost 8 months old. Henry is shaping up to be a great pup, rambunctious, curious, dopey, and lovable. 

This is Henry letting me know it's time to stop walking and pay attention to him! Cooper is doing great as well just being a sweet angel pup protecting his new companion and family. 

As for jewelry there has been so much brewing here in the studio! I finally have my creative mojo back and it feels so good!

My mom sold our house and downsized, which forced me to finally bring the rest of my vintage collection, supplies, and various metalsmithing tools I didn't take when I moved out. I didn't realize with my space not being complete with all the magical trinkets, smaller tools, and draws of supplies would effect my creativity. But once I set up the rest of my studio it just came alive and so did my creativity. 

My studio is now in an unfinished basement, our house is built in 1875. Super charming but the basement was only ever used for storage. I'm doing my best to transform it into a cozy working space. It's come along way and I'm really loving it so far. I have a lot of plans for the space still, I will update you guys as progress is made. 

Now that summer is officially over, I would like to recap on some of the fun end of summer events! My best friend Meghan was preparing to leave for her big cross country trip. She had planned this trip for 8 months or so and saved every penny from her job to make this happen. Before she set sail we had a few fun events planned. We attending Dispatch and Guster at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens. A great show and if you have never heard of either band I recommend taking a gander on the internet!

 Followed by a wedding upstate in New Paltz for her cousins wedding. If you never visited New Paltz I recommend it, there is so much to do and a lot of beautiful places to hike. Especially in the fall season, apple picking galore! On the way back to Long Island we stopped at a secluded swimming hole. Fresh spring water, cold as ice and clear as day! 

The following weekend we had a wedding for our good friend who moved out of state. She had her wedding in Niagara Falls, NY. Her husbands family lives up there so we hiked it a good 10 hours in the car! First stop a cracker barrel. Which was my first time ever dining there. Lets just say worth the experience, food is subpar but its cracker barrel. They have games at the table and the gift shop really is worth the stop alone. Lots of old fashion candy and trinkets. We stayed at the Seneca Falls Niagara Casino. I will say that the hotel was excellent, I love gambling and the casino environment so needless to say Joe, Meghan and I had a great time. We visited Niagara Falls which was such a beautiful bucket list sight to see, the misty falls are just breathtaking to look at.

The Casino from the Front

Side View of the Falls on a overcast day.

I wish I had better photos of the falls but Joe's phone camera is much better than mine :) The following weekend Meghan journeyed off across country and she is currently one month in. Having a blast visiting every known and lesser known spots across the USA! On our trip up to Buffalo we were discussing our Native American spirit animal signs. The Falcon, Goose, and the Snake. To accompany her travels I made Meg a Falcon necklace with her favorite gemstone labradorite.

Process shot

The completed piece! I am 99% sure I will be traveling with my best friend Charlie and possibly my boyfriend to visit Meghan in California before her trips ends. Trying to finalize the details! 

One of my favorite memories from the August was seeing John Mayer. I have seen oodles of live shows, I knew I would really enjoy this one as well. Joe being a drummer who loves all kinds of music, he is never to cool to like a little pop radio or  underground jazz. One of the many reasons why I love his palette of taste in life. We took our moms to Jones Beach to see him live. We all had a fantastic time, a magical night perfect weather with perfect company and soulful jams. I tried to upload some video to my blog but I can't seem to get the videos to download on my computer. I recommend checking out his new song In the Blood, I don't love his new album through and through but there are a few winners on there and that is definitely one!

To wrap up this post, I have a batch of new gemstones coming in later this week to early next week. I cannot wait to roll out some new designs for everyone. I am feeling so inspired by everything around me, I hope you guys are looking forward to some new fresh stones and metal hitting the shop! 

Lots of love,


My DIY fall center piece xo Michelle






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  • What a beauty this thing called life is! Keep shining bright Meshe! You can feel the love you share in each and every word and with each and every design. Miss you best friend!


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