My name is Michelle, designer, metalsmith, behind MeShe Designs. This journey of love I call jewelry started 8 years ago. I always walked on the road not taken. To fulfill my happiness was always a priority, whether it be in love, friendship or a career. While trying on many shoes in the working world. I discovered my passion, gemstones, jewelry, and metal.

I worked at a metaphysical store where we sold oodles of healing crystals, spiritual books, CD's, essential oils, and best of all handmade jewelry. This place was a treasure trove for all things shiny. I developed a satisfying bond with the handmade work all around me. I spent hours rearranging displays, chatting with customers and finding homes for the jewelry we stocked.

I started making basic wire wrapped jewelry, in the years following I started dabbling into vintage jewelry and up cycling. I always incorporated gemstones into my work, no matter what the style, the stone carried the purpose. I dreamed of metalsmithing.

After years of wire wrapping I enrolled into a jewelry program and took courses on and off for three years with fantastic instructors here in NY. From master wax carvers to fine goldsmiths, I acquired proper knowledge and skill from various hands. MeShe Designs evolved into a line that serves to the gemstone. Focusing on the sheer beauty of mother earth, with clean minimal lines. High polishes and hand finishing to display the art of handmade.

I truly believe its all in the finish, achieving a lustrous high shine is the ultimate enlightenment for both metal and stone.