New Site! Updates and more :)

New year new me! Well every year I think most of us set out to create goals, or if your like me. Simply roll over the goals from Christmas past.  I finally decided to push for some changes I've been looking to make for a very long time. 

Organize, Refresh, Refine!

I am a procrastinator at heart, I think a lot of makers can relate to this as our brain has a thousand ideas, limited time and yet we love to chase the deadline. I've been taking the last month to completely organize inventory, retire older designs/stones, and refresh with some new fresh concepts for my customers. I've had two Etsy stores since 2008, I've always had a stand alone site but it did not meet my businesses needs with fresh layouts and marketing opportunities to grow my customer base off Etsy. You can still find a lot of products on my Etsy store and will continue to sell my made to order line on that site. 

What to expect in the coming year!

More one of kind collections that have cohesive flows, limited edition availability and fun seasonal products that appeal to collectors of artisan crafted jewelry. New made to order products will regularly launch and retire pending on customers needs and best seller trends.

Shop New Rutilated Quartz Collection

I am looking into 3-4 summer shows in the NY area ranging from Montauk to Brooklyn. I will update more on this as I settle on dates and venues that MeShe Designs will partner with. 

More retailers across America will be carrying MeShe Designs so you can shop locally and support other small businesses. I recently picked up a new wholesale account in Indiana, Pennsylvania with Meraki Boutique. 

Overall I am so excited for my website launch! I am happy to evolve into a new year a little late ;)  I will be blogging regularly now and will update on my various social medias regarding new product, behind the scenes, and sharing other talented makers creations that I purchase or trade with. 

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