Spring has sprung!

A very exciting time for us Northerners! Spring has sprung and as stated in my last blog post many changes and new ideas are flourishing everyday! Winter can be such a drag for both personal and business. Motivation is low, cabin fever hits an all time high, and all you want are those long Summmmmmer nights (I think of grease with the extended summer spelling ;)..)

On a personal note I really enjoy cooking, throwing dinner parties and overall feeling cozy in my home. I recently tried out this Carlsbad recipe that was pretty good. I'm a tough critic of any food let alone my own creations. I can enjoy any meal but that doesn't mean it was excellent. These pork carnitas tacos could've had a tad more flavor but nonetheless they were still a solid B+ in my book. The black bean mango salad in my opinion was amazing I highly recommend you try it. All links are clickable! Our friends came over and brought some beautiful tulips for us to enjoy!

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As far as business is concerned it's a slow launch with the website regarding adding inventory from my Etsy store. I want to make each new listing on my domain have a purpose, I am crawling with adding as I don't want to add every piece of inventory. I plan on retiring quite a bit of pieces that I offer on Etsy. Good news is there's lots of new product to launch soon!

Just this week I launched my new Galaxy post earrings. Featuring rainbow and grey moonstones on a hand textured recycled sterling silver flat base. I first melt excess scrap sterling from older projects. Then I hammer each recycled ball flat, followed by texturizing with a ball bur for that galaxy rustic look. Each bezel is handmade then a post is soldered, polished and oxidized. Here are a few photos in the process stage.

Here is a photo of the recycled flats just textured before the bezel settings are made. Also shown is a sneak peak at new studs with criss crossed textures. These earrings will be called Inception studs, multi layered patterns and also named after one of my favorite movies with good ole Leo!  

galaxy post studs in the making, sterling silver jewlery, making jewelry

This is after each bezel is soldered onto the textured back plate.

Handmade galaxy post earrings. sterling silver moonstone post earrings

And the finished shot of the Galaxy post earrings!

As for the wholesale order I mentioned in my last blog post I finished it up last week and made it to the post office with one minute to spare. I always picture people looking at me with polishing compound on my face, messy hair and packages flying out of my hands as I run to the door just before it locks at 5p.m. Anywho I ran out of craft ziploc bags for my wholesale order so I got crafty and used my cloth bags that I include in orders. I also try and send one other sample to the business with pricing information to showcase other pieces available in my line!

 Here is a sneak peak of new rings coming out this week! 

labradorite rings, sterling labradorite rings, silver labradorite rings

Here are two double banded labradorite sterling silver rings! I am in love with this design. Classic, striking, and everyday. They are substantial in design, yet feel aesthetically delicate. I will have a one more labradorite making a total of three labradorite rings and two additional rainbow moonstones rings. If you are subscribed to my email list you will receive a special promotion this week that can be applied to these rings. 

I hope you all are having a great week and thanks for keeping up with my blog posts. I am not a writer and probably have some grammatical errors. I really enjoy these once a week updates!

Happy Spring,






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  • I am interested in the double banded laboradite rings are they still available? How much however I need to check my ringsize

    Juliette Milton

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